Final Project

Hey, here is my final project. With this piece I was short on time, but was trying to illustrate the upper and lower worlds associated with shamanism. A more universal definition would be perhaps balance, of the dark and the light, with the middle world in the middle with the white body outline. Um yea, i guess thats all i have to say on this one, I want to revisit this work, with my original imagery as i find anything that is trying to define the spiritual realm visually captivating.


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Presentation! and PAPER Critical Art Ensemble.


For my paper/presentation, I choose the Critical Art Ensemble, or CAE, as it was suggested to me, and also found it a rather interesting platform that political, biological, art and criticism are merged. Many of their concepts for their artwork aren’t the typical risque contemporary of the age that we are accustomed to. They are on an entirely different agenda to raise up these issues from a intellectual basis. One of their installation pieces labeled Seized, 2008, is described on their webpage as an “installation that documents all the work and household objects that were confiscated from Steve Kurtz’ home after the FBI raid in May 2004. It also shows all the trash that the FBI left behind.” This was a controversial  issue as Steve Kurtz home was raided, even though he was thought to be innocent in the death of his wife. The contrast of the protection that the federal bureau of investigation, is put up against the preservation of the artifacts left behind of this “kind” endeavor of our government. I find the preservation to be one of they key elements of this work. Breaking down the remains of the raid, and reinventing them in the gallery space, gives the work a sense of almost antiquity  or history.

Some other interesting works:

This was a satirical piece offering cigarettes and beer to the unemployed.

In this work the primary emphasis was to raise awareness about the genetically modified food consumed in the European audience. They encouraged the viewer to bring in food, and they would test, in this mobile lab, to see if it was genetically modified.


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youtube videos

This one i thought was pretty neat, with the minimalistic color usage, combined with a unique form of illustration. Im sure its been done before but still cool.

This one is oddly creepy. This artist has a wide array of entirely odd videos. He denys any sexual message in this work, and i think he said it is up to the individual for interpretation

heres another creepy one of his

and this one, is just funny, creepily funny.

and well bjork had to make the list, i couldnt find her video i wanted though :/

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zombiefinishinglikeOut design group aimed to incorporate zombies with the projects necessary content of subversion. This is my attempt to do the such, with the Sanskrit saying something along the lines of “only God can judge me”, or so i hope thats what it says. My agenda with that, was more so along the lines of satire with zombies having the sociopathic behavior, that many dogmatic religions have upon their perceiving God in their own image. This is not to discredit theism, as i am a strong theist myself, I just find alot of human fallacy in the perception of theological matters. *steps down off of soap box*

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Chapter 2 response.

The chapter on digital technologies as a medium, really is starting to display how broad of a medium it truly is. The dynamic qualities of digital art, make it extremely accessible in many settings, syncing with multiple stimuli, generally easy installation etc. One main outstanding thing about digital media, is the indisposability of it. One can create many pieces of art, one they have the correct equipment, without using any additional resources. Before when shooting pictures, you would have to be alot more economical with how much film you wanted to use, but now its a simple delete button. The diversity of the digital media contrasts with traditional media arts in that so many people have more access to the digital realm, then would set food in an art gallery. So much of the “art” people come across, is art mixed with advertising in the digital realm. The traditional media arts definitely have a alot more physical presence then digital media does, as well as more of a sense of energy into the piece, but digital with its low resource usage, with its diversity and ease of applications make it one that will only continue to get incorporated into our every day lives.

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top of the class!

So here is the top five i chose, there was a few i could not find on my blog roll however, as when i did this assignment my browser was being buggy :/. But good job all, i thought all these went beyond the technological side, and started to encompass some emotional content.

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